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Smoking with Natural Tobacco cigarettes

Natural tobacco Vancouver might not be good for health but those who smoke cigarettes love it anyways. The commercial production of tobacco started in the 17th century. Although it is not good for health but it is still loved by those who smoke because it is capable of creating a really nice flavor.

Natural vs. Organic Tobacco

Slowly, manufacturers have started to replace the Natural tobacco with organic tobacco. In order to build a loyal customer base, companies have started using organic one because it is a bit healthy. This type of tobacco has a different way of cultivation. It is minimally processed and does not have any remains of herbicides, pesticides and similar other toxins. It is farmed in an environmental friendly way. The farmers use natural remedies for keeping the plants healthy and keep the pests away.


As it is organic, it does not mean that it is going to be healthy. It is still going to contain harmful elements that are not good for the health of human beings. It is a little less harmful than natural tobacco however.

These days, products like Yuma and Northfield tobacco cigs have been introduced so that people can enjoy smoking and have the pleasure of the same tobacco taste. Yuma is organic pack of cigarettes which is available in Canada. It is produced under the IMO standards for the organic certification. The cigarettes are available in the options of mild and full strength. The quantity of tobacco in the standard pack of 20 cigarettes is 50 grams. Northfield tobacco on the other hand is creating cigarettes that are 100 percent additive free. They are made from whole leaf that does not have any preservatives. This is why the smokers enjoy a smooth and natural experience. The amount of tobacco present in each pack is 50 grams. They are available in the regular and strong strength for tobacco lovers.


Benefits of Tobacco and Smoking

Both natural tobacco and organic tobacco are available for satisfying and providing a pleasurable smoking experience to the users. Everybody knows about the bad side of tobacco but you will be amazed to see that there is a positive side of natural tobacco vancouver too. Yes, this product of nature has some health benefits too which have been forgotten. Take a look at them:

  • Smoking tobacco can lower the risk of the knee replacement surgery
  • It can reduce the risk of developing Parkinson disease
  • It reduces the risk of obesity
  • It also reduces the risk of death after heart attack
  • It can make the heart work better

This does not mean that you should start smoking cigarettes. Overall, this activity is not good for the health of a person. It can make you suffer from many health problems and it can even cause wrinkles on face. There are certainly a lot of sources from where you can find Natural cigarettes to have the most pleasurable smoking experience but be careful about your health. It is recommended to reduce the habit of smoking it with time to stay healthy.



Quality Experience with Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo Vancouver Vaporizer is a pretty cool vapor to own. It has been designed to provide the portabilityconvenience to the users. The user is supposed to press the two buttons located down the device to make it work. This is meant to make sure that the unit does not accidently start working when it is in your pocket. It is capable of turning off after every 12 minutes. If it is fully charged, it can provide you a minimum 7 sessions of vaping at their best. Make sure that you give it time to cool down because if the unit is heated up, this can reduce its battery performance. It is totally normal for the unit to get a little warm so don’t worry about that.


Have a look at some of the features of Arizer Solo Vaporizer which make it the best:

  • It is 4×1.75 inches in size and 8.3 ounces in weight
  • The battery is capable of lasting for 2 to 4 hours
  • When not in use, it can automatically turn off after 12 minutes
  • It is made in Canada
  • It comes with 2 years warranty
  • It has a variable temperature

Arizer Solo

Design and usage

The design of the vapor is quite convenient. You can easily attach glass tube to the vapor. It is going to be in your control because the temperature settings are quite flexible. You must select the pre-defined setting ranging from 1 to 7 and let the unit heat up. It will just take 2 minutes to heat up and then you can make the best of it. The vapor has an improved airflow. It is recommended to put the unit aside when it is being heated up. Meanwhile, grab the glass stem piece for packing the herbs. Arizer Solo Vaporizer unit has 2 stems; the straight one and the angled one. The herbs will fit in the end of the glass tube. Once the stem is packed up, it is time to fit it into the heating chamber. Make sure that the stem is held inside tightly.


The glass attachments let you use the vapor in different ways, just according to the way that is comfortable to you. This makes it a versatile product. The unit on the whole is quite durable and it is capable of performing well for years. The quality of the vapor is wonderful. You can easily manage the herbs and make it taste good every time you vape. While the vapor is working, it does not burn or smell bad to ruin the taste of the user. It is certainly a sophisticated device that can provide you a wonderful vaping experience. There is an indicator bar that allows the user to see the battery of the unit to keep track of the battery life.

As you have to adjust the glass tubes, it might not be that easy for a newbie to handle the Arizer Solo Vaporizer Vancouver. On the whole, this unit will provide you a pleasing vaping experience with its performance and durability. Use it with care and it is going to last for years.

Several Thoughts Regarding How A Vaporizer Can Enhance The Pleasure For E Cigarette Users

For any person who is familiar with using electronic cigarettes, they might want to also consider taking a closer look at what vaporizer’s can offer them too. Additionally, there are plenty of options available when it comes to the variety of devices the consumer can select from such as plug in brands, and portable vaporizer’s too. With that said, we wanted to create this article to help give our readers an up close perspective on what type of vaporizer’s they can find smoke shops, so read on to learn more.

For numerous consumers that want to still be able to enjoy their cigarettes, even in locations that have banned smoking, more and more are turning their focus over to using electronic cigarettes instead. In addition, by combining this type of advanced high tech feature together with a vaporizer, users can now enjoy their cigarette smoking pleasures for longer periods of time. The vaporizer kits typically are used to help prolong the battery life in the electronic cigarette itself.

In addition, there are plenty of models, and brand of vaporizer’s out on the market that will provide the consumer with various features. That said, some will have a 5 click on, and off switch with them, which means that the consumer will need to press the power button on their device 5 times quickly in order to activate it for the first time. For many plug in vaporizer’s like the ones you will find stocked numerous smoke shops, customers can select from the more advanced models like the Volcano, or the more budget friendly model of the Da Buddha Vaporizer.

Nonetheless, we encourage our viewers who use electronic cigarettes to also invest into a plug in vaporizer, as these products can effortlessly help to expand the users battery life on their e-cigarettes long term. In addition, numerous heavy tobacco smokers tend to want to use personal vaporizer’s to help them enhance that same effect that they got from their traditional tobacco use. Many Tobacco Shops fully understand that aspect of it, and also have plenty of accessories that can easily assist our customers with getting those same specific results when using our products.

Furthermore, the smoke shops also carry plenty of portable vaporizer’s in many popular manufacture name brands. Customers can select from DAVINCI ASCENT VAPORIZER, Iolite, IOLITE WISPR 2 VAPORIZER, Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax by Ploom, and even Solo by Arizer. These top brand portable vaporizers vancouver bc allow the consumer to easily take their device with them while they are out and about town.

In addition, while using electronic cigarettes can be a safer choice for many of our customers over smoking tobacco, even these highly advanced products at times may require servicing in order to keep them at their peak performance levels. Nevertheless, trying to locate the proper devices replacement part for your e-cigarette might turn out to be a nightmare to locate, depending on the company that sold it to you. However, here at Haze Smoke Shop, our customers can rest assured that we carry a wide variety of replacement parts for many products that we stock, and sell to our customers.

vaporizers vancouver

Shops don’t only carry vaporizer’s, they also have plenty of different electronic cigarette kits, e-liquids, and grinders too. Furthermore, for those wanting to test out a variety of e-liquids, to enhance their smoking pleasure, we are pleased to say that they also carry several popular flavors in which to select from. Simply adding in these flavors to your portable vaporizer, or plug in vaporizer is sure to please.

When the consumer is trying to decide which type of vaporizer to use with their electronic cigarette devices, the choices offered to them in the beginning stages can be overwhelming. However, we hope that our article here today, has helped our readers to now make a better purchasing decision for their own use.

Several Things To Consider Regarding Starter Kits For E-Cigarettes

When a person wants to explore using E-Cigarettes, they should consider e-starter kits. However, there are many different types of these products out on the market that might at first glance overwhelm people. For that reason, we wanted to put together an article to help guide our readers on some aspects to consider, so let us begin!

vaporizers vancouver

For anyone getting ready to switch over from the smoking of traditional tobacco, to instead using E Cigarettes, they often don’t realize that there are other supplies needed too. However, that shouldn’t stop the person from exploring this type of transition, as the costs for these products can be more efficient than staying with the constant purchases of tobacco will over time. That said, here locally people have several different types of E-Cigarette starter kits that will range in various prices, that we are confident will easily suit several different budget ranges.

Furthermore, by using starter kits the person can then decide which type of E Cigarettes will be best suited for their own needs. When you’re searching for starter kits, many of them will come with a battery, which is needed in order to help the E-Cigarette to function properly. Many times, people don’t realize that they need this type of special battery, until their device stops working.

When that happens, this can then leave the individual without any way to use their electronic e-cigarette until they get it replaced. In addition, the e-cigarette will also at some point need to be charged back up, in order to be able to continue to use it. Additionally, this can be costly depending on what brand, and model you select from, so we would suggest that our customers take a look at more of our affordable options while shopping with us today, to find one ideal to match their budgets.

One of the most popular cost efficient brands that smoke shops carry is called the Innokin itaste VV V3.0 express kit, can easily get a person started into using E Cigarettes, often at a much lower cost than a traditional carton of tobacco cigarettes would. Additionally the Innokin itaste VV V3.0 express kit is a personalized vaporizer that easily allows the person to adjust the voltage, or wattage within a matter of seconds. The charging time is 1.5 hours, which is perfect for those that are heavy smokers, and like to ensure that their e-cigarette is ready when they need it the most.

vancouver vaporizers

Furthermore, by selecting starter kits, it can easily help to save on the overall cost, as opposed to purchasing each of the necessary components on their own. When the person is selecting their starter kits, they can easily pick out their own liquid flavors, the strength they desire, the size of the e-cigarette device, the batteries, and even the heating element. With that in mind, we wanted to let our readers know that Haze Smoke Shop in Vancouver BC, offer plenty of variety choices for the liquid flavors that can be added into your starter package without any hassles.

However, to ensure you’re selecting the proper type of e-starter kit for your own needs, take a moment to consider how you’ll be using it. If, you’re a light smoker, then you might find that one starter kit is ideal for your own needs. However, if you’re a heavier type of smoker, then we would suggest that you invest in a starter kit that has a longer lasting type of battery, or get a double battery kit to ensure that you can keep one battery on a charge while the other one is in use.

When a person is trying to decide on what type of E-Cigarette starter kit to select, the choices at times can be difficult to choose from. Nonetheless, we hope that our tips here within our article today, has helped to enlighten our readers on how easy it can be to put together the ideal starter kit, with some advanced planning. On that note, we encourage you to take the time to browse the selection of starter kit products, to see for yourself how easy it can be to put your own unique starter kit together with complete ease.